Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grad School

So it's been a while since I've published anything. I've been in school and volunteering at the Humane Society, which is fabulous.

School is interesting. I LOVE the reading. I really, really do. And I adore the professors. I'm conflicted about writing anything else. I tend to be very academically focused, which is a luxury - I don't have to work right now. It's hard to judge anyone else for getting their masters for fiscal reasons only. Also, I'm freaky anti-social - I'd be happy doing all independent studies and never going to class.

So how to reconcile varying points of view? I don't know. I love theory and am delighted to geek out with abstract discussion. However, this isn't realistic for the majority of students.

Should I move to a PhD program? Should I accept the fact that my borderline Asperger's tendencies just need to be managed and that I have to behave?

Again, let me restate that I LOVE the professors and the reading. I love being in class and I love learning. I'm just trying to find the correct program for me.


  1. I think it's a lot harder when you don't *have* to make these decisions for purely fiscal reasons. It's a blessing to be able to follow your heart...but sometimes it feels like it would be easier if someone or something else would dictate your path. Hoping you find peace soon!!!

  2. Ph.D. students are generally paid through fellowships or by serving as a teaching assistant or research assistant. Masters students generally pay tuition, so the fiscal arguments should favor the Ph.D. programs. Also, many Ph.D. programs award master's degrees to students who drop out.

    If you become a professor, your anti-social behaviors will generally be perceived as signs of intelligence.