Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I don't know about anyone else, but I'm obsessed with the situation in Iran. I'm in awe of the protesters - at one point, the line of marchers stretched over 5 miles long! Despite having to cover their faces in fear of violent reprisal, people are standing up for what they believe. When Ahmedinejad was first elected, it was during a period of relative stability in Iran. While many outside journalists expected a more reformist candidate to be elected, there was not a huge wave of public activism and a low voter turnout. Apparently, Iranians have had enough of his poisonous and isolating policies, and I'm thrilled to see it.

I'd highly recommend "Honeymoon in Tehran", by Azadeh Moaveni, for anyone who'd like to learn more. For an older perspective, "Not Without My Daughter" is a classic. It's a more negative portrayal of the country directly after the Revolution, but still an eye-opening read.

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