Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm all for safety, but this new stop sign in my yard is really bugging me. Our street isn't busy or a cut-through, and there are stop signs at both the block before and after us. It just seems like overkill - not to mention the litter that gets thrown in my yard or the fact that we can't park on the street anymore. Grrr.

On a good note, I just finished a great book. It's a paperback thriller called "The Prodigal Spy" - perfect summer reading, all about McCarthyism and Vietnam. (Of course, I promptly lost my copy, so I can't tell you who the author is).

I also just started another interesting book, called "Lost in the Meritocracy", by Walter Kirn. It's a memoir about higher education in the U.S. now. I think anyone who's graduated from college in the last 10 - 15 years will find a lot of his story familiar - I know I did. We spend so much time studying and prepping for the next step, trying to win - get the best grades, the best SAT scores, the best GPA, land the best job out of school. The question is whether actual learning is being lost.

It was definitely a tough transition for me. I worked my ass off to get the most prestigious job, then realized after a year that investment banking was not for me. (This shouldn't have been a shock, considering I was a French major and spent all my time in the theater department.)

And finally, I discovered a website that lets you create your very own jigsaw puzzles out of photos! How nerdy and awesome. I love puzzles :)

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